About Calco Commercial Insurance In California

Company Overview:

Calco Commercial Insurance Services is a privately held company which provides quality (A.M. Best "A" Rated) insurance policies. As an intermediary our capabilities allow us to offer affordable and comprehensive coverage for the retail, wholesale, manufacturing, transportation, entertainment, government and professional services industries. We are pioneers in online quoting and policy delivery, interfacing with our clients via every modern avenue of electronic communication available in the 21st century.

Calco Commercial Insurance Services is licensed in California, Texas, New York and Florida. The breadth of our insuring capabilities includes both regional and global risk exposures for our domestic and international clients.

The CALCO Advantage:

  • Quote Online
  • Buy Insurance Online
  • Receive Your Policy Online
  • Pay Your Bill Online
  • Monthly ACH Debit
  • Annual Premiums from $350

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to save you money on your insurance policy without compromising coverage.

Insurance Policies:
The insurance policies we offer are individually selected and customized for each client. Whether you are a consultant, a small business owner, or control a medium to large sized company, our commercial insurance specialists can successfully arrange a customized policy to meet your needs.

Insurance Product List:
Our in-house insurance product list is very extensive. Below is a brief list of insurance products we specialize in:

If you have need for a certain insurance product that is not listed above please contact us.

Can We Insure It?
At Calco Commercial Insurance we hear this question often. The answer is, YES! In addition to insuring the standard businesses such as retail establishments. We have successfully offered coverage for the hard to insure products or services.

Below is a brief list of the hard to place products or services that we insure:

  • Architects & Engineering Firm With International Locations
  • Biotech/Life Sciences Companies
  • Children’s Products – Toys, Cribs, Car Seats, Etc.
  • Choreographed Stunts Provider for the Entertainment Industry
  • Clinical Trials
  • Companies Requiring World Wide Coverage
  • Complex Cyber Liability Contractors for the U.S. Government
  • DNA Manufacturer/ Advanced Research
  • Electronic Cigarette (E-Cigarettes)
  • Employee Staffing Leasing Agency
  • Energy Drink Manufacturer
  • Exercise Video
  • Import/Export Companies
  • iPhone/Blackberry Application Developers
  • Medical Devices
  • Male Enhancement Product
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensary
  • Motorcycle Manufacturer
  • Municipalities
  • Nutraceutical Products Manufacturer
  • Self – Employed Contractors
  • Software and Hardware for an MRI Machine
  • Software Manufacturer
  • Surgical Centers
  • Adult Entertainment Companies


"I had been shopping for product liability insurance policy for the last three weeks. It seemed like every agent I spoke to said "I will call you back". This obviously never happened. While at a convention in San Francisco, a vendor recommended your company. I am very pleased with the quick and affordable quote you were able to provide. Most importantly, I was not pressured into purchasing the policy. Your insurance professional took the time to understand my business. He explained my coverages and the additional options that were available to me. I wish more people were as helpful as you guys. Thank you for all your help and support!" - J.C. from San Francisco

"Thank you so much! The process was really easy." - C.B. from Los Angeles

"Thank you for your caring attitude and attention to detail. What a night and day difference between Calco Commercial Insurance and the others that I’ve tried." - A.C. from San Francisco

"I appreciate the fact that your company documents are not in fine print and are easy to read. I am glad your company exists." - L.S. from San Diego

"The online quote and buy process was the easiest and most efficient thing I have done in years. I opted to have the policy emailed to me instead of mailing me a printed version. Now I can say I did my part to help the environment." - F. W. from Sacramento